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What Your VA Needs

Did you know?


When a veteran moves from a shelter or transitional housing into a permanent residence they often only bring the clothes on their backs and the items they carried on the streets.


They lack the basic household essentials needed to setup their new residence. Items we take for granted such as toilet paper, cleaning supplies, basic hygiene products and more are needed. And what about furniture? or Clothing? or a Bed?


$5.00 at the end of the month...What would you buy?


Sometimes a Veteran living in supported housing will not even have $5.00 at the end of the month. While their new residence is being financially supported other living expenses such as utilities, food, clothing, transportation and basic household essentials are often not. Through the support of collection drives that your house of worship, business, civic group or concerned individuals collect and provide to your local VA facility many formerly homeless Veterans won't need to worry about how they need to spend some of their money.

Top 10 Needs List

Every VA facility is different. The needs of a facility in Chicago are different from those in Los Angeles as they are different from Orlando. Participating VA facilities have completed a "needs" list for their facility which is available for viewing. If you or your organization can meet the needs of your VA facility please contact the person shown on the Details Page of your search.


New VA facilities are being added to the Top 10 Needs List every day so please bookmark this page and check back to see if your VA is listed. You can also access Voluntary Services at any VA Medical Center by searching their database.


It is only through your support that the needs of Veterans in your community will be met!

Work with your VA Facility to help meet the needs of Veterans in your Community!

For VA Facilities


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View Your VA's Top 10 Needs List


To find your closest VA enter the VA facility or city or state in one of the fields. When searching by state use abbreviation: ny, CT, etc.


If you can help, contact the facility for further details.

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