Serving our nation's Veterans

Supporting Veterans at the local level in partnership with the

Department of Veterans Affairs

They can't do it alone...


Do you know what the needs are of Veterans in your community?


Do you know what to collect and where to deliver those donations?


By joining Adopt-a-VA you will be placed in contact with VA personnel who can answer those and other questions.


Did you know?


When a veteran moves from a shelter or transitional housing into a permanent residence they often only bring the clothes on their backs and the items they carried on the streets.


They lack the basic household essentials needed to setup their new residence. Items we take for granted such as toilet paper, cleaning supplies, basic hygiene products and more are needed.


And what about furniture? or Clothing? or a Bed?


With proper planning your collection drive will be a success.

Join with others in the Adopt-a-VA Network who support our nation's Veterans.

Whether it is clothing or move-in-essentials--they need our help!


Join today!

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