A Partnership Program with the Department of Veterans Affairs


Serving is more than a word.

Military Outreach USA

3020 Milwaukee Avenue

Northbrook, IL 60062


Help to serve those who have served us.


Volunteer to serve.


Life-shaping experiences for volunteers

…and life-enhancing experiences for our Veterans

Help to positively change lives in any number of programs to help our Veterans.


With 1700 VA facilities in the nation there are any number of projects in which volunteers can participate.


Whatever your skill level or background there is an opportunity to serve those who have served us.


Let us know how you can help by completing this online form to begin working with VA facilities in your area.


Consider becoming a Lead Volunteer in your Community. Lead volunteers take on a larger role in working with their VA facility by actively engaging community houses of worship, businesses, organizations and more in supporting their local VA Facility.


Lead volunteers have a closer working relationship with their VA facility in supporting Veterans in their community.


Full and continuous training will be provided to all Volunteers via online video meetings, webinars and our email Newsletter.