Serving our nation's Veterans

Supporting Veterans at the local level in partnership with the

Department of Veterans Affairs

We want to hear of your successes!

Throughout the nation members of the Adopt-a-VA Network are serving Veterans by conducting collection drives, donating clothing, furniture and meeting the requests of their adopted VA facility. Share with us what you are doing or events you are planning.


These short stories are examples of how adopters come together to meet the requests of their partners at VA facilities.


Just send us your story and pictures. Others in the country will be interested in what you are doing to serve those who served us.

The value of social media once again helps a VA facility serve its Veterans. The Durham VA Medical Center Food Pantry recently was empty with hundreds of Veterans to serve.


Within two days of publishing on social media and through the Adopt-a-VA network the Food Pantry began receiving donations.


Kudo's to the adopters of the Durham VA for coming through in support of our Veterans!



The Schaumburg, IL Coldwell Banker Real Estate office received a request to see if they could provide Move-in-Essentials to Hines VA hospital for some Veterans who were exiting homelessness. The point of contact (POC) sent an email out to realtors in the office and by the end of the week hundreds of items were collected and then delivered to the VA for distribution to the Veterans in need.


This is an excellent example of how adopters and their VA facility can work together in meeting the needs of Veterans exiting homelessness.

Sometimes service is more than donations. That's what three members of Bloomingdale IL VFW Post 7539 discovered. They were contacted by their adopted VA to help a formerly homeless Veteran clean his apartment a Freedom's Path residence. The Veteran had let the apartment get "messed up pretty bad" and unless it was cleaned he would have had to leave. After a combined 9 hours of cleaning the apartment was spotless.


The Veteran is also going to receive regular help to maintain his apartment.


Sometimes service is measured in a little elbow grease and caring.

On the morning of Friday, March 10, Military Outreach USA received an email from a VA caseworker indicating that a Veteran, who was temporarily hospitalized, would lose his apartment if he didn't pay the upcoming rent for his apartment.


A posting was made on Social Media and within 10 minutes this Veteran had a donation to cover his rent.


Without the support of adopters this Veteran would have lost his residence.

The Village of Bloomingdale, IL conducted a collection drive during the month of February by placing donation containers in the Village Hall, Library and Park District.


Members of Bloomingdale VFW Post 7539 picked up the donations and delivered them to Hines VA Medical Center where they were distributed to qualified Veterans in the VA Homeless Program.


Village officials were surprised at the outpouring of support for the program and have committed to make it an annual event.


Working together with others in the community are helping Veterans who otherwise would be without these needed items:


More than 1,500 items were donated!


There is a company in Illinois that is provided sample dishes by their customers to make metal tray covers. For years they would take the sample dishes and throw them away once they had no further use for them. One of their employees heard about Adopt-a-VA and contacted us to see if Veterans could use these dishes.


Now, on the first Wednesday of every month, anywhere from 75-100 dishes, cups, saucers, soup bowls and even platters are picked up and brought to an area VA facility to be given to Veterans who are exiting homelessness.


Sometimes products for donation are right in front of your eyes. As this manufacturer discovered.


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