Serving our nation's Veterans

Supporting Veterans at the local level in partnership with the

Department of Veterans Affairs

Social Support Programs



The only way to rebuild a social network is to get out and meet people…pretty simple…unless you have no idea or place where to start.


SSP is a program where organizations support or conduct activities that focus on participation by Veterans. In doing so, Veterans are provided the opportunity to re-establish social networking skills.


Who can participate?


  • Park districts
  • Sailing clubs/schools
  • Hiking, biking, canoing/kayaking, skiing clubs
  • Sport fishermen
  • Horseback riding academies (trail rides)
  • Sports teams (donate tickets)
  • Concerts (donate tickets)
  • VSO’s (invite Veterans to picnics or Post activities)
  • Houses of worship
  • Create Veteran friendly events and invite the community (BBQ’s)


Your organization may already have programs for Veterans but the word just isn't getting to those in your community. Become part of the Adopt-a-VA Network as we share your information with the Veterans Administration and others about you programs to serve those who have served us.


Group activities like sailing, trail riding or individual activities like scuba diving are not only therapeutic but engage the Veteran in enhancing and building their social skills.


Every community has a program that can be a part of SSP...just let us know who and where you are to become part of Adopt-a-VA.

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