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These resources will help in developing programs and outreach efforts to serve our nation's Veterans.


Partners are kept advised of new programs and resources as they become available.


If not a serving partner become one now.

Military Culture


In working with Veterans it is important to understand "what makes them tick."


The Center for Deployment Psychology has developed an excellent on-line program, available at no charge, to help participants gain an understanding of Military Culture.


Above link will take you to the Veterans Crisis Line


Many men and women returning from service need help navigating a complicated federal and state aid system, support with health and family issues, and career employment that continues Veterans’ commitment to lives of purpose and service.


With responses from nearly 1,300 Chicagoland Veterans, we will now be able to gain a better understanding of the needs and challenges our Veterans are facing during and after this critical transition period. This survey is the first step in crafting strong policy and programs to enable Veterans and military family members to reach their full potential.


While the report was generated by interviews with Veterans in the Chicago area the results are in many cases universal and applicable to the Veteran popularization across the nation.


Click on the image to download copy of The State of the American Veteran.