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When a Veteran leaves a shelter or transitional housing and moves to a permanent residence they don't have the basic household items needed to set up their new home.


Items we take for granted such as toilet paper, cleaning supplies, basic hygiene products and more are needed.


By conducting a Move-in-Essential collection drive at your house of worship, school, business or civic organization you'll help make the Veteran's new residence a "home".


Reach out to your VA facility contact person about ways you can help support Veterans in your community.

Military Outreach USA has worked with VA caseworkers to develop this suggested list of items.


Click here for suggested items.

So that your VA facility knows you are conducting a collection drive please complete this planning form.  We will share with your VA facility so they are aware of incoming donation.

Make sure to submit your donation form with your items to receive a letter from the VA acknowledging your tax deductible gift.


You can help...


By conducting donation drives you will be able to keep your adopted VA facility supplied with the basic Move-in-Essentials needed so that no Veteran will ever be without a razor, toothbrush, cleaning supplies or toilet paper.


To learn more about how to conduct a collection drive download this planning guide.

Every VA facility is different. There is no "cookie cutter" one fit all program to address a system with hundreds of medical facilities across the nation. As each facility is adopted new opportunities to serve will be presented. Military Outreach USA asks that as you work with your adopted VA facility that you provide us with what you have done in service to our Veterans. We will share that information with others in the Adopter Network to use in their community.


Just send us an email, and pictures are always appreciated, to:

Every new home starts by being empty.

You can help fill it with needed Move-in-Essentials

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