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Say more than, "Thank you for your service."


Become part of the Network where houses of worship, businesses and organizations partner with their local VA facility and others to serve the needs of local Veterans.


The Adopt-a-VA initiative relies on community partners to be successful. There is no cost to become a part of this caring Network. The only obligation a Network member makes is to help when they are able.


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To join the Network please complete this on-line form.  By submitting this form and becoming a Network member you commit to being a supporter of your local VA Medical Center (VAMC) or Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC).


As a Network member you pledge, only whenever feasible, to support your local VA Facility. By participating in this initiative, you will be part of an extensive database of houses of worship and organizations willing to take a call from and support their local VA facility. You will also be automatically subscribed to our informative newsletter.


After you enroll an email will be sent with passwords to access your local VA Facility contact as well as other Network members in your area.


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Adopt-a-VA gives hope to Veterans in need!

ADD VALUE to Your Existing Service Programs


We don’t duplicate the responsibilities of key VA partners; instead we ADD VALUE where action would not otherwise be taken.


Even if your organization, business or house of worship already donates to your VA facility there are several reasons to join Adopt-a-VA.


Network…The Network connects you with others in your community who share the same mission as you…that being to serve our Veterans. Network members share information, projects and other events conducted in support of the local VA facility.


Increased Communications…as a benefit to being part of the Network you will also be advised of updates concerning programs and new initiatives from the Department of Veterans Affairs or your local VA facility. By staying current as to changes or additions to benefits, programs and resources you will be better able serve Veterans in your organization and community.


Exposure to Veteran Needs…many times organizations are unaware of the needs of the individual Veteran. However, VA caseworkers are aware of those needs. As a Network member you will be made aware of those needs and provided with the opportunity to help when feasible.


Serving CBOC’s…while organizations serve larger VA Medical Centers many may not have contact with the CBOC’s in their area. These Community Based Outpatient Clinics typically serve remote or rural locations. They need the same type of support as the VAMC. They serve Veterans with the same needs as those in the VAMC. By becoming a Network member your organization will have contact with those CBOC’s who can use the help and resources your organization can provide.


Adopt‐a‐VA gives new meaning to service as organizations partner to serve those who have served us.  Join Now!



We can always do more!


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