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As with other needs, a Veteran will require furnishings for their new residence when they leave a shelter or transitional housing. The question arises, “How and where do they obtain those furnishings?”




When a household is downsizing, moving or just getting new furniture, something needs to be done with the unwanted or older items. Rather than throwing usable furniture out, Military Outreach USA suggests that donations be made to qualified Veterans in the area.




Just complete an on-line form indicating that you have furniture or other items to be donated. Once the form is submitted it will be forwarded to your adopted VA facility.


If there is a Veteran who can use your donation your VA contact will call you.


By working directly with your local VA facility you will know that your donation is going to a qualified veteran.  Also, depending on the size of your donation, arrangements for pick up and delivery will have to be made.  There are many service agencies in the nation, such as the VFW or American Legion, who may be able to help in moving your donation.


Please note that there is no guarantee that your donation will be accepted as the need may not exist at the time you want to donate your furniture.


If you have furniture to donate please complete this on-line form.


Don't throw out used furniture until you know if a Veteran could use it.


If your house of worship has "leftovers" from a rummage sale consider donating to your local VA facility.

Every VA facility is different. There is no "one fits all program" to address a system with hundreds of medical facilities across the nation. As each facility is adopted new opportunities to serve will be presented. Military Outreach USA asks that as you work with your adopted VA facility that you provide us with what you have done in service to our Veterans. We will share that information with others in the Adopter Network to use in their community.


Just send us an email, and pictures are always appreciated, to:

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