Serving our nation's Veterans

Supporting Veterans at the local level in partnership with the

Department of Veterans Affairs

One business a month doing collections can serve thousands of formerly homeless Veterans.

What if just once a year a business in your community did a collection drive of Move in Essentials?


Are there 12 businesses in your community that could participate in a donation drive to help our Veterans exiting homelessness?


All it takes is for a few business or government leaders to reach out into their community and launch the initiative.


Just one month a year is all that is asked. Just once a year when the people in a business bring in donations for Veterans in need.


And what is the potential?


If 12 businesses participated and each business collected just 2,000 items that would be more than 24,000 items donated per year.


 Now imagine if it were two businesses a month!


Add to the above schools, civic groups, Veteran service organizations and houses of worship and no Veteran exiting homelessness would ever go without cleaning supplies, towels, hygiene or person care items.


Have your “Business Adopt Your VA Now!”


Wouldn't you believe that there are at least 12 businesses in each of these cities that can help our Veterans exiting homelessness?

NYC has 860,000 buildings

Chicago has 341 buildings100 meters+

Los Angeles has 35 buildings with more than 1000 employees

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