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Anyone in your community can help in a Stand Down.

Clothing for Veterans


What is a Stand Down?


A Stand Down for homeless veterans is modeled after the concept used during the Vietnam War to provide a safe retreat for units returning from combat operations. At secure base camp areas, troops were able to take care of personal hygiene, get clean uniforms, enjoy warm meals, receive medical and dental care, mail and receive letters, and enjoy the camaraderie of friends in a safe environment. A Stand Down afforded battle-weary soldiers the opportunity to renew their spirit, health and overall sense of well-being.


That is the same purpose of a Stand Down for homeless veterans. Achieving those objectives requires a wide range of support services and time.


The program is successful because it brings these services to one location, making them more accessible to homeless veterans.




By working with your adopted VA facility personnel you will know what goods and services you can provide in helping our homeless Veterans.

Make sure to submit your donation form with your items to receive a letter from the VA acknowledging your tax deductible gift.