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Mission: Military Outreach USA is a faith-based organization with a mission of empowering a Military Caring Network dedicated to serving those who have served in our nation's military.


Vision: Build a national, community-based outreach program that celebrates, supports and networks with the Military Community.


Who we Serve: Military Outreach USA serves those in the Military Community. That Military Community is defined as Active Duty military personnel, National Guard, Reserves, and Veterans and their Families. We do not work directly with individual members of the Military Community and will refer inquiries to those within our Network or to the Department of Veterans Affairs.




After 9/11/2001 it was recognized by a group of mainly Vietnam Veterans in the Chicago area that the nation was ill preprepared to recognize many of the needs of returning service men and women. Many houses of worship had little knowledge of how to help or where to send returning Veterans for assistance. This was particularly true in recognizing the invisible wounds of war from which Veterans of all eras may suffer.


They created in August of 2010 an outreach titled Military Outreach Greater Chicago. The purpose of the organization was to provide houses of worship in Northern Illinois with the tools and resources to serve the Military Community. After almost 3 years of developing the Military Caring Network, which is comprised of Military Caring Houses of Worship and Organizations, the decision was made to take the organization national.


Military Outreach USA-11/15/2013


In November of 2013 the Board of Directors of Military Outreach Greater Chicago approved an expansion of the organization to serve the Military Community across the nation. The name of the organization was changed to Military Outreach USA.


Working with the Department of Veterans Affairs


In May of 2015, Military Outreach USA discussed with the Department of Veterans Affairs ways in which we could partner in serving our Veteran Community. Aside from their primary mission of providing health care, reducing Veteran Homelessness continues to be a primary focus of the Department of Veterans Affairs. The result of that initial meeting led to the development of the Veterans Exiting Homelessness Program.


  • July 2015 launched pilot project in N. Illinois
  • January 2016 signed Memorandum of Agreement
  • June 2016: Chicago became the first city in the nation to launch a city wide collection drive for move-in-essentials
  • Collected more than 200,000 items
  • October 2016 launched 11-11-11 Project
  • December 2016 launched Adopt-a-VA


From these initial meetings we formed a formal partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs to serve qualified Veterans in the VA Homeless Program. In 2016, more than $700,000 worth of items were donated to VA facilities across the nation through the Veterans Exiting Homelessness Program.


As a result of the success of that program Military Outreach USA and the VA are partnering in a national program to reach every VA facility in the nation.





One of the goals of Military Outreach USA is to break the cycle of homelessness by working with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Network Members and VA facilities to meet the needs of Veterans.


Veterans who were previously trapped in homelessness can now be reintegrated back into society.


Adopt-a-VA is the basis for a brighter future, built on a hand up, not a handout.


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