Serving our nation's Veterans

Supporting Veterans at the local level in partnership with the

Department of Veterans Affairs


A Community Initiative to Serve Our Nation's Veterans

Saying thank you is a start but it is only a beginning.

Adopt-a- VA is a partnership between houses of worship, businesses, Veteran service organization, schools, civic groups and caring individuals with their local VA facility to serve Veterans within their community. Those who take part in Adopt-a-VA become members of a national Network of houses of worship, orgqanizatrions, individuals and otehr who care about our Miitary Community.

Learn more about Adopt-a-VA and how to support your local VA.

They need your help.

When a Veteran leaves a shelter or transitional housing and moves to a permanent residence they don't have the basic household items needed to use in their new home.

Stand Downs are typically one- to three-day events providing supplies and services to homeless Veterans, such as food, shelter, clothing, health screenings...

As with other needs, a Veteran will require furnishings for their new residence when they leave a shelter or transitional housing. You can donate your used furniture!

Military Outreach USA created the Beds for Vets program to provide to Veterans and their families who are existing homelessness a bed to sleep in.  Beds are one of the areas where funding is required.


There are many ways to Volunteer!

Life-shaping experiences for volunteers

…and life-enhancing experiences for our Veterans


Help to positively change lives in any number of programs to help our Veterans.


With 1700 VA facilities in the nation there are any number of projects in which volunteers can participate.


Whatever your skill level or background there is an opportunity to serve those who have served us.


Let us know how you can help by completing this online form to begin working with VA facilities in your area.


Volunteer now!

Participate in or create Social Support Programs

Create events in your community and even at VA Facilities. As members of the Adopt-a-VA Network Military Outreach USA will work with you in developing programs and events that you can use to serve Veterans in your community.



Many older Veterans in hospitals, VA homes, nursing homes and care centers have limited or no family nearby. Without social engagement and positive interaction, Veterans' health can suffer when they lack support. Volunteers can support local Veterans by participating in the Adopt-a-Veterans Program and providing friendship and assistance.


Beyond those Veterans who are in hospitals, VA homes, nursing homes and care centers are the ten's of thousands of Veterans who are in the VA Homeless and Tribal HUD-VASH Programs. Tribal HUD-VASH is a program designed to serve our Native American Veterans. Contact us for more information.


These men, women and their families need support and social contact. The Adopt-a-Veteran program is designed to provide that social support.


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It's about Community Organizations working together!

Why is there a need?


Less than .5% of the population currently serves in the military. There is a dwindling population of Veterans (less than 7% of the population). With shrinking numbers, "Why is there is a growing need for government, houses of worship, organizations and caring individuals to step up and help serve those who served us?"


The answer is simple, "They need our help!"


While the Department of Veterans Affairs makes every effort to serve our nation's Veterans fewer than half of eligible Veterans are enrolled in the VA system. It makes it incumbent upon local communities to recognize and provide assistance when possible to the men, women and their families who have borne the defense of our Freedoms.


A Community Covenant will bring together all parties in a community to recognize and serve those in our Military Community.