Serving our nation's Veterans

Supporting Veterans at the local level in partnership with the

Department of Veterans Affairs

VA Press Release on Adopt-a-VA

Help serve our nation's Veterans by adopting your community's VA facility.


A Community Initiative to Serve Our Nation's Veterans


"It's not that I don't want to help our Veterans;

it's that I don't know how to help."


Adopt-a-VA provides ways to help!


Adopt-a-VA is a community-based initiative where houses of worship, businesses and organizations (who are called adopters) partner with their local VA medical facility to serve the needs of local Veterans.


It provides adopters who want to do more than say "thanks for your service" the channel to use their own professional experience, expertise and resources to respond to the needs of local Veterans in a wide variety of fields: providing donations, employment opportunities, recreation, arts, community service and a host of other areas which collectively make up the communities in which we live.


Any house of worship, business or organization that wants to help our nation’s Veterans can participate in the Adopt-a-VA.


Examples of those who can adopt include:


  • Rotary or Lions Clubs
  • VFW or American Legion Posts
  • Houses of worship of any denomination
  • Boy or Girl Scout troops or councils
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Elementary or high schools
  • Businesses and Individuals
  • Civics groups


Adopt-a-VA is a growing program and relies on community partners to be successful. Join now to adopt your local VA facility.


We've added a NEW page to provide Resources you can use in working with and serving our nation's Veterans and their families.

Form your own Adopt-a-VA Group


Have you wondered how an individual can become an adopter?


In some communities concerned individuals are getting together to form "Adopt-a-VA" groups.


They will, just like any other organization, conduct collection drives for Move-in-Essentials, seek donated furniture or help as they are able.


Consider getting together with friends, relatives or co-workers to form your own "Adopt-a-VA" group.


Join now so that you can begin to serve those who have served us.



The Success of 2016


  • 13,000 Veterans and their families were helped
  • More than 530 Beds Delivered
  • More than 350,000 Move-in-Essentials Delivered
  • Donations valued at more than $700,000


 By taking part in Adopt-a-VA you, your house of worship, business, Veteran service organization or civic group help to:


Serve those who served us!

Learn more about Adopt-a-VA and how you, your house of worship, business, organization or civic group can help to serve those who have served us!

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